Injured In an Accident

Personal Injury checklist:

A brief list of what to do after an accident, and in what order.

1. Get medical attention.  

If you or someone else was injured in an accident, Call 911 first!  For non-emergencies make sure to see a doctor within 48 hours.  Some symptoms do not appear until 72 hours after the collision.

2. Move the cars.  

Make sure the vehicles are moved to the side of the road until they can be safely towed away.  Be sure to use whatever safety materials are available such as hazard lights, road flares, or cones.

3. Don't talk about fault.

Whether you think it was your fault or not, don't talk about that to either the other party or the police.  

4. Do exchange important information.

Make sure to trade names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance company names, policy numbers, drivers license numbers, and license plate numbers.  Also record the vehicle information such as make, model, year, and color of each car.  Write down the location of the accident and how you think it happened.  Take photos of the vehicles, the scene, the injuries, and get names and phone numbers of any witnesses.  

5. Police Report.

Make sure that a police report is filed, either by the responding officer, or some time later if no officer arrives at the scene.  

6. Call my office.

Schedule an appointment with me to discuss your case and get advice on protecting your rights as well as helping you recover for your losses.  Remember, I only take personal injury cases on a contingency basis - you pay nothing unless I am successful in getting you compensated for your loss.

Client Testimonial:

"First I'll start by saying english is my second language and legal dictionary never been in my english studies. After saying that I would like to tell how William is patient and so smart in explaining legal issues in easy terms without changing the original meaning. He always explained to me all the pros and cons for any action he would take after having discussions of the matter. I cosulted him for an accident I did before, many immigration issues. And lately he is the lawyer of my dad who is visiting the states and got hit by a car in CA. He got a 24/7 arabic translator in case the clients are more comfortable to speak in arabic. If you need a human, fair, smart lawyer William is the one."


Personal Injury Cases:

There are many categories of personal injury.  I focus specifically on the ones listed here.  If your type of case is not listed, please call me anyway, if I cannot take it, I will help you find an expert attorney who can.

Vehicle Accidents,

Serious Injuries,

Spinal Injuries,

Slip and Fall Accidents,

Motorcycle Accidents, and

Dog Bite or Animal Attacks.

Contingency Fee for Personal Injury Cases

When you're injured in an accident, you've got enough other problems and expenses.  You don't need to worry about how to pay your lawyer.  Contingency fees allow me to work on your case and get paid a percentage of the settlement* (but only if you receive compensation).

Multi-State Experience

Although currently I'm only taking personal injury cases in California, I worked for years in Ohio gaining valuable experience on personal injury matters. I use tactics California attorneys are not familiar with to streamline efficiency and obtain compensation for your injuries.  


Can I still recover if I was responsible?

YES.  California (and some other statues) use a system called Comparative Fault.  It's a system that allows the court to assign a percentage of fault to each party.  If you were partially at fault, your recovery will be reduced by that percentage, but you may still recover compensation for your losses.