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Personal Injury

I started my career representing insurance companies in vehicle collision and personal injury cases.  Now I'm working for injured victims and doing everything possible to assure that they are justly compensated for their injuries.  

I've handled cases as simple as getting someone a settlement check for the smallest bicycle accident to cases involving fatalities and tractor trailer collisions. 

Family Law

Prenuptial Agreements:

Marriage is a big step.  Make sure that you've protected yourself and your future spouse from any uncertainty if things don't work out.  

I've worked on prenuptial agreements for millionaires as well as regular people, and the one thing they all have in common is that they want to assure their own monetary certainty if the marriage doesn't work out.  

I will work with you to create a unique prenuptial agreement that is catered exactly to your needs and specifications. 

Guardianship Proceedings:

Sometimes a parent isn't up to the task of being a parent.  When that happens, someone else can be appointed by the court as the child's guardian.  It can be a family friend or close relative.  

Separating a child from the birth parents is a difficult task, even when it's in the child's best interests.  

I have the necessary experience to make this process as painless as possible if it ever becomes necessary.  

If you know of a child who is at risk and you are interested in becoming that child's guardian, please call my office immediately.

Weekly case updates

I give my clients feedback and updates about their case as they happen.  I guarantee that I'll contact you by email on a weekly basis to provide an update on what's happening in your case.

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For all other legal issues, I'll provide a telephone consultation and will schedule an in person interview within a week.

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